Why the Mom’s Code?

ii. Oh, the Never-Ending Worry

In general, I’m an optimist and feel very fortunate in my life, but I still struggle because life is never perfect. I worry a lot. Sometimes I worry I haven’t exposed my kids to enough of the world, so I overreact and create unmanageable schedules for them. Then I worry they are overscheduled and don’t have enough time to just play. But when they do have free time, they don’t play and sometimes even act lazy, and I worry about that.

Do you worry a lot about your kids?


Are your kids overscheduled?


Do your kids have enough time to play by themselves?


I’m really embarrassed about this, but I made my daughter go to a soup kitchen so I could put community service on her preschool application.

– Vivienne

In Korea, we all pretend to go away for the holidays but we really use the time to force our children into intensive sessions so they can jump a level in their English, instrument, or sport.

– In-Sook